The Mermaids

The collection “Le Sirene”,
the spearhead of the creations
of Bianca Moretti.

The pendant made in 18kt gold plated bronze is interchangeable;
the tail and the finely enamelled body can be removed and substituted with others of various colors and also rhinestones or glitter.
The collection includes the interchangeable pendant with the chain, the contrary bracelet and the latched necklace.

Small sculptures are the result of a careful and accurate artisanal work
which is why they are so unique and numbered,
each apparently equal but different from the others.

Layout 1

Pendants that represent a mermaids
made of bronze with the technique of precision casting

The pendant is bathed in gold and assumes various colors namely yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and burnished.
Subsequently either the tail, the body, or the hair become enamelled with colors that range from light blue to blue, from green to grey, from red to orange and some tails and bodices are made of “glitter” and rhinestones.
A discrete and elegant chain that bears the logo and number of the siren accompanies the pendant.

The absolute innovation is that the tail and the bodice are interchangeable and,
with a simple gesture, can be removed and substituted with others of various colors.

The apparent simplicity of the “click clack” that allows you to change the tail
is the result of a meticulous and careful study that was therefore patented
and that allows you to anchor in all security and with sharp precision the upper part of the siren to the lower one,
thus creating a fun game of combination of colors and materials.

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