Cecilia Farina

Owner and Designer of the Bianca Moretti brand

Born on Lake Trasimeno, she finds her inspiration in all that lives in contact with the water, where all sounds are muffled, bodies slip lightly, almost weightlessly, and all is suspended in silence.
The mermaid, a mythical creature that with her song brings sailors to shipwreck, lives between earth and water, and great mystery has always surrounded her figure.
The challenge was to blend the grace and elegance of this classical figure with modernity to give birth to a unique and precious pendant that any woman might wear.
Water, whether in the sea or in a lake, is the element in which swim, move and live the creatures designed by Cecilia Farina and the central theme of her collections.

About me

Cecilia Farina, journalist and writer, began to design jewelry in 2005. Her first creations were made with hard stones, crystals  and copper; plots that also contain corals, shells, pearls, and materials that come from the ocean floor have always been her passion and main inspiration.

It is still the marine environment, in fact, with its energy and its extraordinary colors that in 2012 suggested an innovative and unique idea that embraced modernity and tradition: The “Siren” was born. A small and exclusive sculpture that contains in itself the grace and the elegance of a classic figure together with the absolute innovation of interchangeability.

Today Cecilia Farina is the owner and designer of the Bianca Moretti brand that caters to a dynamic and enterprising woman rooted in the contemporary culture and the in search of a bijou that is sophisticated and unique like herself.

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